Meet Gibson Odoka Jr.

Hi, I’m Gibson Jr.. I’m a core believer in personal development and economic empowerment. I am a tech lover and also a Personal Development Consultant. Over the years, I have authored 4 books on Personal Development.

I enjoy listening, reading, and taking action. I have founded 3 companies the last 4 years and been self employed. I have worked with different organizations in leadership positions such as; Microsoft, University of Saskatchewan, National Bank of Canada, and my 3 companies all headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

I have enjoyed the privilege of being featured in multiple news medias and television interviews in different Canadian cities for my works including CTV News “Canada’s Largest Television Station”.

Because of my passion for personal development, I started Gibson Leadership Group to help rebuild our society “one person or group at a time”. I focus on helping businesses grow their work force to be more effective workers, Help people start thinking of what they’ll offer the society rather than what the society will offer them.

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