01 Mar 2022

Life Lessons from Russia and Ukraine War

If you’ve been observant of the war between Russia and Ukraine, you’ll notice many hard-working Ukrainians have fled their home to other places of refuge.
What does this mean for them, economically?
LOSS OF JOB, LOSS OF BUSINESSES AND POSSIBLY FINANCIAL QUAGMIRE for those who live on a paycheck to paycheck basis.
Three KEY LESSONS you could learn from the crisis
👉Some Ukrainian citizens will lose their businesses and investment. Some might not want to return home rather relocate to a less threatened economy out of fear of similar situations reoccurring in the future.
When this happens, the winners will be those UKRAINIANS who built their wealth around their INTELLECT.
These Ukrainian citizens stand a 95% chance of moving to a new economy and establishing their presence/ business within a short time.
👉Those who built their wealth on physical products/properties might have it tough bouncing back [let’s hope their establishments and properties are not damaged in the process]
👉Those who rely on paychecks to get through the day will probably suffer more than others. It’ll even be worst if they’ve not cultivated the habit of saving for an emergency.
While we don’t anticipate witnessing such life tragedies in the future, we shouldn’t be faked out in the summer because winter will surely surface, someday.
👉Build digital skills that can be used anywhere on earth to earn money. We live in a global community where results are rewarded accordingly.
👉Build strategies to help you export your knowledge to other continents. Ukrainians who render digital services to American, Australian, and African businesses are less likely to get hit economically.
👉Don’t stick to old patterns. Utilize digital tools for wealth creation.
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29 Jan 2022

The Business of Life

Life is not a rehearsal section. Life is a serious business. You must let your voice be heard.
Whatever you’re doing, be it a business or activism, make it a point to keep increasing the tempo of your voice.
Let your voice be heard on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Television, and on the Streets.
✅If you’re a speaker, speak value to your audience’s life.
✅If you’re a writer, write valuable content for your audience consumption
✅If you’re selling products, sell products that will add value to your audience.
Here’s Why!
If they don’t respond to your products, posts, services, and bring you referrals; they’re probably not your sheep {yet} or they’re yet to trust your voice.
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.”
John 10:27-28
“As a shepherd, you have to spend your WAKING HOURS CARING AND TENDING TO YOUR SHEEP.
Here’s one interesting thing that will happen if you keep feeding your SHEEP with the right food, values, and philosophies for a good enough time; THEY’LL ADOPT YOU AS THEIR SHEPHERD.
After the adoption process is over, they’ll start responding when you call on them.
At this stage, you’ll have no worries about selling your products and getting referrals.

10 Jan 2022

Excelling in 2022

There are two ways to make 2022 significantly different from the previous years.
You can either intentionally create change for yourself or you wait for things (the economy) to change.
Those who go after making changes do these by investing in personal development. They constantly read good books, go for free or paid seminars, buy courses, pay for coaching sessions because they understand it’s easier to access a new address with the help of a GPS. They try new things and intentionally ask good questions.


Those who wait for things to change hate knowledge. They despise King Solomon’s advice “wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom” They avoid buying books because they believe they’re smart enough to be great but still underdog due to the country they find themselves in.

They believe motivational speakers are scams. How can anyone start with nothing and amass a fortune?
They believe the government is the reason they’re not doing well, economically. They’d never consider risking the usual for the unusual.

They’d complain it cost too many Megabytes of data to watch a good video that will transform their lives for good. They’d rather spend their data watching miracle church services and funny Instagram/TikTok skits to escape the moment than on good documentary.

They always seek free services. They’d not even consider paying for a course online, buying an insightful book, or paying for seminars.

If you want things to change in 2022, you must invest in the things that will help you get results quicker.

Gibson Odoka Jr. ,
New Destination Guide To Building a Desired Life. By Gibson Odoka Jr.

17 Dec 2021

Achieving Excellence

Becoming a person of excellence might require you to practice limited association. In severe cases, the discontinued association will be required.
Here’s why!👇
Many who may wish to grow beyond their current life phase will find it difficult because of their association. Some of you have friends and neighbours you spend a fraction of your days with who are neither impacting you positively nor bringing up conversations around personal growth.
Now, let’s face it;
Do you currently have friends who discuss the next 10 years with you? When last did your circle brainstorm the NEXT BIG THING, the strategies and classes (courses) you’ll take to become an authority in that (NEXT BIG THING) within the next 10 years.
Always have this in mind
Your competitors are not those you see every day (your friends). You’re in for a global race and you shouldn’t assume you’re excelling simply because you’re outperforming your neighbours or your colleagues at work. This is an era of global competition. Not neighbourhood competition.
If you’re on your way to attaining excellence, you must remain focused on your goals. Society always has something (to serve the populace) to distract the “UNSUSPECTING” from working on their goals. The Big Brother Naija TV-Show for instance has stagnated a fraction of Nigerian youths (not against it for those who tread cautiously) who were committed to watching the TV-Show and campaigning for their star in place of building their future for 90 days.
If you can, avoid distractions from gossip blogs. I’d recommend you discontinue your friendship with them. They are one of the top ENEMIES OF WISDOM. They steal your valuable time and offer you nothing in return. Rather, they benefit from your consumption of their gossip.
Last, especially for those in third world countries, invest in large volumes of internet data. This will change the game for you if used positively. Facebook has provided “free-mode” data to keep users active on the platform without a data subscription. That’s thoughtful of them. However, those videos that will illuminate your life can’t be watched using “free-mode” data.
Always have a good monthly budget for data. Upgrade from subscribing in MB to GB.
MB will give you just enough data volume to help you go through social media news feeds. You can’t learn the deep pieces of stuff with MB.
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