01 Mar 2022

Life Lessons from Russia and Ukraine War

If you’ve been observant of the war between Russia and Ukraine, you’ll notice many hard-working Ukrainians have fled their home to other places of refuge.
What does this mean for them, economically?
LOSS OF JOB, LOSS OF BUSINESSES AND POSSIBLY FINANCIAL QUAGMIRE for those who live on a paycheck to paycheck basis.
Three KEY LESSONS you could learn from the crisis
👉Some Ukrainian citizens will lose their businesses and investment. Some might not want to return home rather relocate to a less threatened economy out of fear of similar situations reoccurring in the future.
When this happens, the winners will be those UKRAINIANS who built their wealth around their INTELLECT.
These Ukrainian citizens stand a 95% chance of moving to a new economy and establishing their presence/ business within a short time.
👉Those who built their wealth on physical products/properties might have it tough bouncing back [let’s hope their establishments and properties are not damaged in the process]
👉Those who rely on paychecks to get through the day will probably suffer more than others. It’ll even be worst if they’ve not cultivated the habit of saving for an emergency.
While we don’t anticipate witnessing such life tragedies in the future, we shouldn’t be faked out in the summer because winter will surely surface, someday.
👉Build digital skills that can be used anywhere on earth to earn money. We live in a global community where results are rewarded accordingly.
👉Build strategies to help you export your knowledge to other continents. Ukrainians who render digital services to American, Australian, and African businesses are less likely to get hit economically.
👉Don’t stick to old patterns. Utilize digital tools for wealth creation.
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24 Dec 2021

Internet Data and your Growth

Internet data, be it cellular or WiFi is a must-have in massive volume for those looking to live a sophisticated life. One of the things affecting the personal growth of many citizens of third-world countries is their understanding of “The power of Internet data” in today’s economy.
Many still see data as something that is easily exhaustible, something to be used to access only basic information with fewer Megabytes requirement. Thus the reason they mostly use it for Facebooking, Whatsapping, and Instagramming.
To access the real pieces of information that can transform your life, (most of which comes in the form of videos, webinars, e-classes, audios, etc.) you need a massive volume of data available at your disposal.
It’s true Facebook offers a “data-free mode” to enable people to access Facebook without active internet data. This option was made available to increase the traffic/ user retention on the platform, not necessarily because Facebook loves you. Thus the reason they don’t permit you to access photos and videos.
In North America and most advanced nations, data (internet) is life. It’s a tool through which goods and services are transported from one location to another, business meetings are conducted, information gets shared, knowledge is being acquired, Schooling takes place, etc… They do not understand the idea of data having a cap to it.
It baffles me when I see young people wanting to become outliers in their area of discipline being economical with their data subscriptions. Subscribing a few gigabytes of data per month isn’t going to do you any justice.
Instead of investing in high-end fashion, channel your investment to large data purchases. You need a large data volume to access life-changing information at a faster pace.
Many are scared of attending online classes/ webinars out of fear of exhausting their data. Their subscription is just enough to keep them active on social media; watching Instagram fights and listening to gossips.
What a mediocre lifestyle!
Learn to invest in internet data. It’s your best bet to achieving more in life.