Zero Dollar Business Formula

In summer, 2014 I was legitimately BROKE, devastated and had no one to run to for financial support.
I JOB hunted for 2 months and 3 weeks with no employer giving me a chance. It was like the world was against me as even my prayers weren’t going above the ceiling.


At a point, I considered starting a business but my ACCOUNT BALANCE wasn’t looking good so that option got ruled out.
Consumed with the thought of having no MONEY, no JOB, and a few days left before my RENT expires, I fell into depression. Not a good place to be. Happiness was far from me.

Someone recommended I join a Network Marketing company. Awesome idea but I couldn’t afford the REGISTRATION FEE.

My self-esteem dropped. I couldn’t associate with my peers and I gained some weight from eating junk foods.
One hot afternoon, I was on my way to a coffee shop but accidentally passed my bus stop so I found myself next to a book store. I quickly rushed in to find a book to get me out of depression.
That afternoon, I bought an amazing BOOK that helped me move from looking for JOBS to looking for EMPLOYEES for my newly discovered business idea.
I followed the steps in that book and Boy! I was able to START my business with “ZERO capital” plus I employed individuals looking for jobs that same SUMMER.


In 2018, I chose to start another business with zero capital and I’ve made some millions from it.
After doing this for the second time, I discovered something interesting. Money isn’t the problem why you’re yet to start your business.
In the last seminar, I was invited to speak in 2021, I shared most of the things that made me start two businesses without startup capital.
Order a copy of my book “Young Boss; Start with Zero Dollars” and I’ll add you to a group where I’ll be teaching and also answering questions on how to FIND BUSINESS IDEAS, START OPERATION, HIRE EMPLOYEES, GET BUSINESS FUNDING and MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS, all at no cost.