There are two ways to make 2022 significantly different from the previous years.
You can either intentionally create change for yourself or you wait for things (the economy) to change.
Those who go after making changes do these by investing in personal development. They constantly read good books, go for free or paid seminars, buy courses, pay for coaching sessions because they understand it’s easier to access a new address with the help of a GPS. They try new things and intentionally ask good questions.


Those who wait for things to change hate knowledge. They despise King Solomon’s advice “wisdom is the principal thing. Get wisdom” They avoid buying books because they believe they’re smart enough to be great but still underdog due to the country they find themselves in.

They believe motivational speakers are scams. How can anyone start with nothing and amass a fortune?
They believe the government is the reason they’re not doing well, economically. They’d never consider risking the usual for the unusual.

They’d complain it cost too many Megabytes of data to watch a good video that will transform their lives for good. They’d rather spend their data watching miracle church services and funny Instagram/TikTok skits to escape the moment than on good documentary.

They always seek free services. They’d not even consider paying for a course online, buying an insightful book, or paying for seminars.

If you want things to change in 2022, you must invest in the things that will help you get results quicker.

Gibson Odoka Jr. ,
New Destination Guide To Building a Desired Life. By Gibson Odoka Jr.