Becoming a person of excellence might require you to practice limited association. In severe cases, the discontinued association will be required.
Here’s why!👇
Many who may wish to grow beyond their current life phase will find it difficult because of their association. Some of you have friends and neighbours you spend a fraction of your days with who are neither impacting you positively nor bringing up conversations around personal growth.
Now, let’s face it;
Do you currently have friends who discuss the next 10 years with you? When last did your circle brainstorm the NEXT BIG THING, the strategies and classes (courses) you’ll take to become an authority in that (NEXT BIG THING) within the next 10 years.
Always have this in mind
Your competitors are not those you see every day (your friends). You’re in for a global race and you shouldn’t assume you’re excelling simply because you’re outperforming your neighbours or your colleagues at work. This is an era of global competition. Not neighbourhood competition.
If you’re on your way to attaining excellence, you must remain focused on your goals. Society always has something (to serve the populace) to distract the “UNSUSPECTING” from working on their goals. The Big Brother Naija TV-Show for instance has stagnated a fraction of Nigerian youths (not against it for those who tread cautiously) who were committed to watching the TV-Show and campaigning for their star in place of building their future for 90 days.
If you can, avoid distractions from gossip blogs. I’d recommend you discontinue your friendship with them. They are one of the top ENEMIES OF WISDOM. They steal your valuable time and offer you nothing in return. Rather, they benefit from your consumption of their gossip.
Last, especially for those in third world countries, invest in large volumes of internet data. This will change the game for you if used positively. Facebook has provided “free-mode” data to keep users active on the platform without a data subscription. That’s thoughtful of them. However, those videos that will illuminate your life can’t be watched using “free-mode” data.
Always have a good monthly budget for data. Upgrade from subscribing in MB to GB.
MB will give you just enough data volume to help you go through social media news feeds. You can’t learn the deep pieces of stuff with MB.
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