Funding a war is expensive. World War ll cost the United States a whopping $4 trillion. The Vietnam war cost $843.63 billion. The Biafra war cost Nigeria £130 million.


We are all fighting a war. War against poverty, low income, poor health, timely reception of information, stagnation, etc.

You’ve got to spend money to fund winning these wars. Shouting AMEN during the 2021 cross-over-night service would not do the magic in 2022.

Here are some weapons you can acquire to win the war in 2022

✅You’ve got to invest in INTERNET DATA. If you’re living in a third-world country, you can’t afford to play smart with this. Your uplifting has a 90% dependency on internet data. You must have a reasonable monthly budget for it. At the minimum, you should be consuming 40GB of data per month. The jobs are on the internet, wealth flows on the internet, communication and education are on the internet, transportation of resources and raw materials all take place on the internet.
You need data to watch those quality videos that will move your life 45% ahead.

✅You have to pay for training. Self-education costs money. Stop assuming you can learn it yourself. This will keep you 5 years behind. Learn to pay courses, webinars, seminars, conferences and consultation services from people who have successfully gone through that path.

✅You need to read. You can’t afford to be lazy with reading. Buy books, buy Newspapers, magazines, etc. reading blogs isn’t the same as reading the business corner side of a Newspaper. It might surprise you how many business ideas are published on Newspapers columns daily.

✅You need to invest in your work tools. Get a good laptop, smartphone, internet connection, cameras, etc. Acquiring whatever is required for you to do a quality job should be your top priority if you must win the war in 2022. You wouldn’t be judged based on your financial strength or your country of residence’s available infrastructure. In the global marketplace, everyone is considered a champion. Don’t allow your customers to think otherwise of you

✅You need to invest in your brand. It’ll cost you some money to do that. You have to pay professionals to help you with quality branding or you pay to learn the techniques of getting yourself known. Whichever is the case, you are as good as your brand. Remember humans only see the outside; God sees the inside.

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