Stepping into the BIG LEAGUE will require you to do the things others are not willing to do. You’ll need to invest in yourself, and grow your brand. You’ll need to build your online portfolio “website”. LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase your work portfolio but that alone wouldn’t do the magic.

Your social media game gotta be strong. A fan page on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and possibly a personal blog “attached to your website” will be needed. Facing the camera or crowd might not be the easiest for many but it’ll be required to join the big league.

Eliminate your fear of being judged by the general public. You will to be judged regardless so ride on and build the muscles to accept criticism for your work. Toughen up and be comfortable with being vilified. When you eventually join the big league, they’ll be forced to see you differently. At the moment, enjoy the ride and stay true to your hustle.Remember to keep the enemies of wisdom 10 miles away.

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Gibson Odoka Jr.