Here’s how you get the bigger reward; ADD ACTIVISM TO YOUR JOB.
If you’re a lawyer by profession, add activism to your job. If you’re a doctor, add activism to your job. If you’re a chemistry teacher, add activism to your job. Whatever it is you’re doing as a job, add activism by teaching others what they need to know about your profession and the latest trends in your profession.
This will accelerate your personal growth and put you in the INFLUENCER ECHELON.
Here’s how you go about it👇
Create a social media page, brand it to give you the professional look, and start sharing content with the end in mind.
Social media is here to serve all who wish to use it to their advantage. It can make or destroy you. It is the most elevated platform of the century to display skills and talent.
If you remain committed to doing your activism, you’ll gain celebrity status within a reasonable time.
This principle works for all industries. A proud roadside hawker can gain celebrity status if she/ he applies this principle. The bartender is likely to become a celebrity if this principle is applied to his/her job.
Here’s the problem👇
Many who could achieve celebrity status with jobs society consider to be menial don’t play the social media game to their advantage. Rather, they argue about irrelevant things bloggers post on social media to improve their page engagement.
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