The later part of the 20th century saw a huge rise in demand for HIGH-INCOME UNIVERSITY DEGREE. Acquiring any of these high-income degrees keeps you on track with becoming one of those in the higher economic echelon. It’s even easier and quicker if you obtain any of these high-income degrees from a western university.
The dream of many 20th century parents was to see their children graduate high school and proceed to College/ University to study either Medicine, Accounting, Law, or Engineering. These were considered high-income university degrees because a graduate of these programs stands a higher chance of working with an oil servicing company, Big corporations, hospitals, Big accounting firms/ banks, construction companies, and law firms.
In the wake of the 21st century, the world embraced the internet like never before. New opportunities emerged for people to transact businesses faster and easier. Communication became easier and likewise transportation. The competition became global and outsourcing a job to other countries became a norm.
Many lost their jobs as technology became disruptive. A typist without computer knowledge quickly gets replaced in the marketplace. An accountant who’s refused to take some computing/ digital classes got replaced swiftly by the firm.
This gave birth to “The Skill Economy”. This economy values SKILLS above University Degree. Those who are yet to catch up with this reality always wonder why they graduate university and getting a good job becomes tougher than acquiring a university degree.
The reason is simple. Get multiple job skills. Especially High Income on Demand Skills.
Here’s some of them if you’re interested in learning any;
Coding, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Certification, Copywriting, Sales, Forex Trading, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Web/App Design, SEO, Content Marketing, User Experience (UX), blockchain, video editing, etc.
These are high-Income Skills anyone can develop with little to no assistance.

Gibson Odoka Jr.

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